Hoppin’, Skippin’, Lovin’

ImageA times it seems there are no adequate words to describe Violet.  We had quite a lovely time celebrating her 8th birthday this weekend.  Her first request: a baseball game.  Wish granted: I won tickets to a game during a radio contest, and the evening was rounded off by a memorable fireworks display.  

Second request: a trip to Paris.  She awoke early Sunday morning and while everyone else was sleeping, we walked to the town park, decided to call it Paris, and frolicked around in the early light.

Third request: 2,000 hugs.  A work in progess.

Fourth request: Build-A-Bear.  This past month of activity has set a record for our family: highest # of visits to a mall.  May that record hold for the rest of our history.

Fifth request: To smash her face into a piece of cake.  

And so, teaching us little lessons about going all out in the moment, Vi took advantage of this special day and ended the celebration as she had been hoping to for months.



To Violet: A , caring, wild-hearted, creative, passionate, thoughtful, loyal, excitable, thinking, hopping, skipping, loving gal.  Words cannot contain you, Mae Bug.  



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