Tears of Joy


 Today is Annabelle’s 10th birthday, and I made sure to hold back my proud and thankful tears as we stood at the bus stop together.  This gal and I spent most every day of our lives together for the past 9 years. Motherhood is fraught with so many juxtapositions- being responsible for well-being & sharing in carefree play,  weariness from duties & the boundless energy of youth, fear of failure & forgiving, tender hearts, necessity of care in the home & the wide open, creative possibilities in each moment.  The list is inexhaustible, but the dawn shines upon the individuals in the story.  Annabelle is a gem.  A rarity.  A thinking, creative, exploring, adventuring, story-loving, caring, friendly, kind-hearted gem of a daughter.  She told me a few months ago that I was one of her best friends, and can echo the same.

And so today I’m celebrating this treasure.  Raise your coffee mug with me in a toast: to the practical joker, the lover of puns, the girl that knows what she likes and doesn’t budge, the girl who never wants to brush her hair or take a shower, and is most comfortable at home with family -or- outside digging up worms, building forts, and cutting stuff with her pocketknife…Cheers!


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