A morning to confuse them all

I’m sitting in my 3-season writing studio (old garage) enjoying the gift of two unseasonably warm days at the end of this momentous first month of the year. It was a great morning with the kids before school–everyone motivated to face the day after good & plenty rest and some fabulous muffins. Oh, and the fact that winter coats could be left at home was a favorite among all.

I hear a chickadee singing overhead coupled with the chattering of other birds that’s not so common in January, and the memories these sounds call to mind lead me to the conclusion that today will be a day full of contemplation, time spent outdoors, reading, and writing. This morning seems to be touched with a little bit of magic, blessing, or whatever you want to call it.

If you’re bothered by paper waste, you may want to stop reading here. This week we’ve implemented something–paper plate palette. The kids chose the dinner menu and are responsible for preparing the meal and cleaning up. Oh, and we’re only using paper plates/bowls. The why is very simple–I need to tackle a large number of house projects before we have some sweeping changes in February. Eliminating the wash-dishes-for-hours necessity frees up a considerable amount of time each day. It’s only for one week, I promise!

A few random thoughts–

“Safety Not Guaranteed” is a great movie.

Vitamin B really does affect energy levels.

Mopping the kitchen floor is a newfound pleasure of mine.

I know cardinals don’t typically lay eggs til late Spring, but we have some baby cardinals in our yard. It happened last year, too. I’ll spare you any “early bird” puns.

I have met some amazing folks during recent travels. An example–I left my phone charger on the train a few weeks back. One day after realizing this I received an email from another traveler about my oversight, and three days later the charger arrived in my mailbox. Or how about Glen from Sonoma who taught four strangers to play a very entertaining card game called Casino. Or Ed and his fascinating stories about working in the steel engineering industry. Or Jean and Julie, a couple visiting the States from Australia and their valiant effort to see the world together while walking through battles with cancer. I continue to be inspired by connecting with people who are determined to live their lives to the fullest, and to offer kindness and love to those they meet along the way.


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